Our classrooms are catalysts for great discussions. But we certainly don’t stay confined to them.

At Valpo, we believe in experiential learning. That’s a fancy way of saying our students are empowered to think – and then stand up and do. Discover and explore. Dream big. We’re talking real-life, hands-on experiences that have a profound effect on campus and, often, the world. From Study Abroad programs to internships to service projects, there is so much to get immersed in. All you have to do is come curious.

Experiential Learning

Undergraduate Research

Dig in – hands, mind, heart.

Fine-tune your focus area early on. Our campus laboratories and research centers will get you hands-on and breaking new ground way before grad school. Find out more.

Internships & Fellowships

Guide and be guided by the greats.

Don’t just walk in the footsteps of big thinkers. Learn directly from them. And be one yourself. Read more about our internship and fellowship programs, available on the local, national, and international level.

Service Learning

Help others. Join the impact.

Our heart-centered approach to learning makes a big difference. Discover how to ignite your sense of purpose through our Institute for Leadership and Service, outreach ministry, and more.

Global Learning

Next stop: amazing new horizons.

Cultural immersion might seem like a tall order, but it’s actually part of the daily pulse at Valpo. Our campus is all about global purpose. Find out more about our cultural activities and Study Abroad programs.

About Our Program

Experiential learning at Valpo can take all shapes and sizes. Imagine: chasing a storm with your meteorology classmates or researching vaccines in a third-world country. Whoa kind of stuff. Yes, you’ll find awe-inspiring opportunities that give you a taste of life after graduation. But there are just as many other moments, from service projects to cultural immersions, that unfold right here in the day to day.

We’ll help you blaze your path. Dedicated faculty mentors and supportive peers are here to lean on and make discoveries with. Working together – that’s just the Valpo way.